Phoenix Shepherd

A small pup, with a big plan

Who in the h*ck am I?

Who in the wild world is Phoenix Shepherd?

I'm a high school student from Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm currently pursuing a degree in systems administration via a coop study program with a local technical school.
Currently, I've been working alot with my Homelab, and learning various configurations of server-based operating systems; Windows Server, Ubuntu Server, iDRAC, etc.
Additonally, I also operate this site for portfolio pourposes and for giggles. But that's about it!

Interests But Wait There's More!

My Interests

B(l)eat Saber

I Play Beat Saber with a burning passion.

Computer Systems Administration

I Enjoy maintaining, building and operating servers, networks, and computers.

The Furry Fandom

Don't even get me started on this one.


I Really enjoy listening to music, mostly electronic or alt-pop. Coldplay is a personal favorite.

My Portfolio:

Current Projects